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Fund Raising Event by Pete


Basically Keith & myself have been walking for about 3 years.
Quite often we go with a group that Keith works with at Fords.

usually between 6 & 8 of us.


While walking some of the guys discussed trying to do either kili or Mont Blanc.(however I never even considered it - and I don't think Keith did either)

But as time went on a few of the guys got serious about it & we agreed to give it ago. There was to be 6 of us.

However, the recession hit and most of them had their hours cut!
By the time we booked it last February only Keith, Neil & me remained.

Since last feb we have been training pretty seriously. Walking in the lake district, snowdonia & the peak district. Also as well as tennis in the summer Keith & Me have been playing squash about once a week.

Last October I also joined the St.Helens ramblers club, who go out once a fortnight all over the north west.

After we booked the trip quite a lot of people asked us what charity we were doing it for.We hadn't considered that but thought it was a good idea.

Keith's local branch of the union have St.Vincent's as their charity & Keith put it to us to raise money for them. As he sold it to me, we will, hopefully, @ the top of kili have the longest unrestricted view in the world.


Those kids at the school don't even see their own grounds!
We visited the school and it was a real eye opener. I was inspired by the great kids and their teachers. The children only want the same things as other kids.


But for instance a Harry Potter book in braille costs a couple of hundred pounds and is the size of an encyclopaedia.

So far we have raised approx £2500, and have a target of £3k.

I am going to keep a log of the trip and will forward a copy to you when we get back.